Many companies and organizations have employees driving their vehicles for work-related purposes. Hired and non-owned auto insurance applies to all vehicles that a company hires, such as rental cars and all other vehicles used for business purposes but not owned by the company directly. USMC Insurance writes hired & non-owned auto (HNOA) insurance for all industries, except food delivery services.

HNOA can operate as a stand-alone policy or in tandem with General Liability and Misc. General Liability coverage. The best way to maximize business coverage is to work with an insurance agent directly to write a customized plan that fulfills all client needs.

USMC Insurance offers a variety of comprehensive hired & non-owned auto insurance programs, including Black Car Limousine Service Insurance, Contracted Courier/Messenger Service Insurance, Dispatcher and Transportation Broker Insurance, Non-Emergency Medical Transport Insurance, Sales Fleet Insurance, Subcontracted Trucking/Hauling Insurance, Insurance for companies that work with independent contractors, and more. Policies are limited to $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Hired & non-owned auto insurance is a must-have because some companies are contractually obligated to have it; it also fills in the gaps in client’s policies. 

About USMC Insurance

Founded in 2012, USMC Insurance is a managing general agent (MGA) providing both specialized and traditional property and casualty insurance. This family-owned company draws on over 100 years of combined experience to offer business insurance programs to brokers and agents across the nation, with a special interest in underserved niche markets.