USMC Insurance, a managing general agent (MGA) serving businesses nationwide, works with many small and large company owners on their insurance policies, including policies involving HNOA (Hired and Non-Owned Auto) coverage. HNOA protects drivers using automobiles their businesses don’t own (such as leased, rented, or borrowed vehicles). Unfortunately, not every business owner chooses to invest in this important product, which can result in costly accidents later down the line. USMC Insurance especially recommends hired and non-owned auto coverage for the following types of businesses:

Companies delivering goods and services should purchase HNOA insurance. Online ordering has changed the home delivery industry — not to mention there are still plenty of old-fashioned customers who’d prefer to dial in their orders on the phone. Business owners who deliver anything from pizza to packages should invest in HNOA coverage if they don’t own the vehicles they use for work.

Transportation and chauffeuring companies would benefit from hired and non-owned auto insurance. Business owners who use buses, limousines, chartered cars, and other vehicles to transport people to destinations often rent these vehicles as needed rather than purchasing them. That’s why HNOA coverage for this industry is extremely important.

Contracting companies and other home service providers should consider HNOA insurance. Anyone who drives to a work site in a vehicle that their company doesn’t own can benefit from HNOA coverage. This includes home service providers such as general contractors, HVAC repair teams, electricians, roofers, plumbers, and countless others. In addition to providing coverage in case of an accident on the road, HNOA coverage can protect vehicles from damage sustained at or near busy work sites.

Travel-heavy businesses should think about signing up for a hired and non-owned auto policy. If a company regularly rents cars or uses leased vehicles to travel to corporate or business-related destinations, it’s a no-brainer to invest in HNOA coverage. This way, the business can protect both its drivers and its bottom line.
While the aforementioned businesses are usually urgently in need of HNOA coverage, they aren’t the only industries that can use this reliable type of insurance. To learn more about HNOA coverage or to explore other services USMC offers, contact the USMC team today.