Many business owners and employees alike are surprised to learn that their personal auto insurance policy might not extend to rented vehicles that they use for work. This can leave employees and clients with a dangerous gap in liability coverage that might result in being responsible for thousands of dollars in damages if they are involved in an accident. USMC Insurance’s agents are proud to make it easier for business owners to find the non-owned auto coverage they need to keep their employees protected.

Non-owned auto coverage is a type of protection that extends state-required liability coverage to rented vehicles that an employee uses for occupational purposes. This coverage can also extend to personal vehicles used for work — though it won’t offer protection for damage caused to the vehicle itself.

USMC’s agents are experts in various insurance types, assisting business owners in finding an affordable and inclusive policy that works for their individual needs. No matter if they need a simple, state-minimum non-owned auto insurance policy or a more comprehensive set of coverages, USMC is standing by to help make understanding insurance easier.

Finding the right auto insurance policy for a business doesn’t need to be a challenge. Business owners interested in learning more about how non-owned auto coverage can benefit them and their employees are encouraged to reach out to USMC Insurance today by calling 215-647-9600. 

About USMC Insurance

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