No business owner wakes up imagining that today is the day their company will be held liable for an auto accident that occurred during the performance of their business operations. Unfortunately, these scenarios are more common than many people realize. All too often, small businesses go under because they could not pay for the fees associated with a lawsuit after a car accident in a personal, rented, or leased vehicle.

USMC Insurance stresses the importance of having a hired and non-owned auto insurance policy to protect business operations. They also explain that companies need to meet only a few simple requirements to be eligible for coverage.

Any small business that can meet an insurer’s underwriting requirements can be eligible for hired and non-owned auto coverage. These eligibility requirements speak to a company’s size, previous auto insurance claims, and credit history. If a business proves financially irresponsible and has an unsafe driving history, it may be denied insurance or required to pay a higher premium.

Despite a business’s credit and driving history, it’s essential that the owner sign up for an HNOA insurance policy. Companies that frequently rent cars for business travel, use personal vehicles to run business errands, or lease cars for any period of time should ensure they are protected by an HNOA policy.

When a company has HNOA coverage, the business owner doesn’t have to worry about a lawsuit due to an accident involving a leased, rented, or personal vehicle bankrupting their business. The policy covers a variety of expenses, such as legal fees, settlements, and medical bills for the victim. It’s important to note that hired and non-owned auto insurance does not cover the repair costs for the leased, rented, or personal vehicle. It also doesn’t cover accidents that occur while an employee is commuting to work or running personal errands during business hours.

USMC Insurance is committed to helping companies receive the general liability insurance they need to operate in the U.S.. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can learn more about the importance of HNOA insurance coverage by visiting today.