Any well-established business owner knows that accidents happen at the most unexpected times (and sometimes in the most unexpected ways). Startups and independent contractors may think if they’ve planned for every common scenario, they’ll be fine. USMC Insurance wants to help small business owners and contractors understand that no matter how many procedures they put into place, they could still face a lawsuit. That’s why they’ve explained the importance of bodily injury and property damage liability insurance.

General liability insurance protects businesses if they are sued for causing damages, injuries, or losses. Bodily injury liability insurance, specifically, can ensure a small business can handle the high costs of a lawsuit related to customer injuries sustained on the commercial property or with the business’s property. This policy covers such expenses as medical payments, funeral expenses, claim damages, and court settlements. While bodily injury liability is not required by law, business owners are encouraged to buy this insurance with their general liability policy if they have a building or location that customers, clients, and vendors visit or handle services on a customer’s property. Ultimately, this policy offers blanket protection against the most common claims, helping small companies stay in business.

Just as the normal course of business exposes a company to bodily injury claims, it can also result in accusations of property damage. It takes only one claim to drain a small business’s finances. That’s why these companies and independent contractors must hold a property damage liability policy. It can help cover repair costs, replacement expenses, lawyer fees, and court settlements. If they accidentally damage a customer’s property or belongings, they can rest assured knowing their company is protected.

One of the most significant benefits of general liability insurance is that it is a highly affordable way for small businesses to have peace of mind about potential risks. They can focus on the business, knowing if injuries occur or accidents happen, they will be covered.