Any business that allows customers or visitors to enter the building, or works in residential homes, can benefit from commercial general liability insurance. According to USMC Insurance, a nationwide managing general agent (MGA), business owners can protect both themselves and others from harm by investing in this type of plan.

Commercial general liability insurance covers multiple possible issues that can occur on commercial property. If a customer or client is injured at a business location, this type of insurance will protect the business if the customer decides to file a lawsuit. Mental injuries and emotional distress are also covered, even though they are not considered bodily harm.

Customers’ property can also come into play when business owners or employees work in or on customers’ homes. If an employee (whether accidentally or negligently) causes damage to a customer or client’s home or property, commercial general liability insurance can help cover the cost of the damage. 

Because any customer-facing business is at risk of lawsuits based on potential customer injuries, this type of policy serves business and property owners in almost every industry. Construction sites, restaurants, retail stores, gyms, offices, and event venues are just a few of the countless locations where people are often injured. 

The best thing to do to protect customers and visitors is to always follow safety guidelines. However, sometimes accidents do happen. To avoid the unfortunate situations that can arise during and after accidents, it is the wisest choice to open a policy before it is needed.