Regardless of the size of a business — from large corporations to smaller, local companies — carrying commercial general liability insurance (CGL) can help bring value and protection to an organization. Not only can a CGL policy safeguard businesses from property damage and physical injuries, but it can also protect against reputational harm. Now, USMC Insurance is offering insight into the distinct benefits of commercial general liability insurance for their clients. 

One of the most significant advantages of enrolling in a commercial general liability insurance policy is the immediate effect it has on a company’s reputation. A CGL lends credence and trust to a business; it lets potential customers know the company is established, mature, and understands the risk of everyday business operations.

Another benefit of commercial liability insurance is its ability to increase engagement with potential clients or customers and even drum up new business. Although CGL isn’t required by law, having a policy encourages trust and shows a company has high safety standards. Not only that, but many clients consider it essential; in fact, some clients may require a CGL before they’ll work with a business. Additionally, landlords and certain professional license applications may also mandate CGL.

A liability claim can arise from even the most common business situations. Having a CGL not only protects business owners and their livelihoods but demonstrates they have their customers’ best interests in mind. Commercial liability insurance also ensures that a business can keep operating, even in the face of a liability claim — providing peace of mind for owners and clients alike.

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