Since accidents and incidents occur when they are least expected, small businesses should invest in general liability insurance to protect their financial well-being. This type of insurance covers costs associated with customer injury, customer property damage, and advertising injury. USMC Insurance briefly explains why it’s crucial for small businesses to get general liability insurance.

As a company conducts business, its employees interact with customers and may handle their personal property. Additionally, the business may have a location that customers visit to shop for products or learn more about the company’s services. All of these situations expose the business to the risk of property damage and personal injury. If an accident were to occur, a third party (such as a customer) might sue the company.

In the event that the small business or independent contractor is sued for bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury, the general liability business insurance will protect the company’s finances and even the business owner’s personal finances. This insurance covers the legal fees associated with defending the company and any settlements.

USMC Insurance recommends that most small businesses and contractors get general liability insurance, especially if they rent or own commercial space. If a company does not fit this criterion but they still work directly with clients and customers or handle their property, they should still invest in this insurance to ensure they can remain financially stable after a lawsuit.

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