Accidents happen every day, and without the right protection, they end up costing businesses a fortune and can even put them in a state of financial peril. Without the necessary insurance, any patron who claims an injury on a business’s property can file a legal claim. In many cases, they end up being successful and walking away with an excessive amount of the company’s money, whether through a successful court case or a settlement deal.

To help combat these frivolous lawsuits and liability concerns, USMC Insurance proudly offers bodily injury liability coverage to business owners looking to stay prepared for potential accidents and damage caused to any patron or their property.  

Companies that enroll in one of USMC Insurance’s customized coverage plans see their costs for any resulting medical bills covered. Bodily injury liability coverage also helps businesses avoid directly paying any fees for lost wages and defense fees.

Such policies are available to industries such as sanitation, trucking, landscaping, and more. Most minimum premiums for bodily injury liability coverage can start as low as $5,000, making it an affordable necessity for any business owner seeking preventative measures to protect their business against any hardships that an injury lawsuit can bring.

USMC Insurance not only provides liability coverage to businesses, but they are also a reliable source for HNOA coverage for limousine drivers, NEMT service providers, and other businesses. USMC’s agents are committed to protecting these companies based on their individual needs and are available to explain any of their policies in detail for those interested. Any party looking to learn more about these policies or report a claim is encouraged to reach out to this company today.