While promising improved safety and efficiency, ” self-driving ” or autonomous vehicles introduce new considerations for businesses, particularly in the realm of hired and non-owned auto insurance. USMC Insurance, a leading Managing General Agent (MGA) serving clients nationwide, recognizes the importance of staying informed and offers insights to help businesses navigate this changing landscape.

Any business that decides to utilize autonomous vehicles, whether through rental or for employee use, must consider the implications for their auto insurance. Hired and non-owned auto insurance provides coverage in scenarios where employees use personal vehicles for company purposes or when rented vehicles are used for business activities, and it’s essential for businesses of all sizes.

USMC Insurance advises businesses to conduct thorough risk assessments when integrating self-driving vehicles into their operations. Understanding the unique risks associated with autonomous technology is crucial for determining the right insurance coverage.

If a business decides to utilize autonomous vehicles, they may need to consider adapting their hired and non-owned auto insurance policies to ensure appropriate coverage. This adjustment is essential to address potential liability issues that may arise in the event of accidents involving self-driving vehicles. 

To ensure complete protection when updating or switching policies, consulting with insurance experts specializing in property and casualty coverage is essential. USMC Insurance offers expert guidance to help businesses select the most suitable policies for their needs.As the era of self-driving vehicles continues to advance, USMC Insurance remains committed to providing businesses with the knowledge and support necessary to navigate the complexities of hired and non-owned auto insurance.