Underwriting Service Management Co. (USMC) offers bodily injury coverage for businesses. Bodily injury coverage covers long and short-term expenses that could arise after an accident. In the event of an accident, bodily injury coverage will offer financial relief related to medical expenses, legal fees, pain and suffering, loss of income, and in worst-case scenarios, funeral costs.

At USMC, businesses can enroll in the specific type of commercial liability insurance, or they can choose from a combination of programs to create a customized plan tailored to their unique needs. All USMC commercial liability programs come with the advantage of writing in NY, including Action Over coverage. Each program has a limit of $1,000,000 per occurrence.

USMC commercial liability coverage programs include:

Janitorial Insurance: Janitorial Insurance covers injuries incurred at both commercial and residential properties. The minimum premium amount is $15k.

Trucking Insurance: Trucking Insurance covers both local and long-distance programs. Rates are calculated based on gross sales. There is a $5k minimum premium.

Movers Insurance: Movers Insurance covers both commercial and residential programs for moving and storage. There is a $5k minimum premium amount.

Flooring Installer Insurance: Flooring Installer Insurance covers any injuries incurred during wood, carpet, and tile installation as well as in showrooms.

Ornamental Steel Insurance: Ornamental Steel Insurance covers metal shops, including ornamental, artistic, decorative, and non-structural steel installations, including staircases, dunnage, and railings. The minimum premium amount is $10k.

Waste Haulers Insurance: Waste Haulers Insurance covers both commercial and residential programs. There’s a $5k minimum premium amount.

Glaziers & Window/Door Installer Insurance: Glaziers and Window/Door Installer Insurance covers interior window installers and glaziers, curtain walls, facade systems, and storefront glass installation. The minimum premium amount is $20k.

Landscape Insurance: Landscape Insurance pertains to both commercial and residential programs. There is a $15k premium amount.

Fire Suppression Insurance: Fire Suppression Insurance covers both wet and dry coverage for installation and the service of fire suppression systems, including tagging and inspection. There is a $15k minimum premium.

For more information about bodily injury coverage and other commercial liability coverage, contact us today.

About USMC Insurance

Founded in 2012, USMC Insurance is a managing general agent (MGA) providing both specialized and traditional property and casualty insurance. This family-owned company draws on over 100 years of combined experience to offer business insurance programs to brokers and agents across the nation, with a special interest in underserved niche markets.